Media Bureau grants broader access to study material

Those wishing to comment in the FCC’s quadrennial regulatory review of broadcast ownership rules have easier access to certain DVDs used in creating one of several studies the FCC commissioned as part of the rule review process under a revised Media Bureau released in mid-October.

The bureau Oct. 16 issued changes to its Protective Order covering access to material created by the authors of media ownership studies. Originally, commenters wishing to review DVD copies of news clips used in Study 6, “The Effects of Cross-Ownership on Local Content and Political Slant of Local Television News,” could only do so at commission headquarters in Washington, D.C.

After receiving requests to expand access to the material, off-site viewing of the DVDs will be permitted by “authorized representatives of reviewing parties” who submit requests for the materials with signed declarations agreeing to certain conditions, including a prohibition on copying the materials.

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