Marshall POV Cameras Give New Look to Harvard Sports

TORRANCE, CALIF.—The studious minds of Harvard fans may have noticed some new angles during recent sports broadcasts of their beloved Crimson. These new angles came courtesy of Marshall Electronics’ POV cameras and are being used for broadcasts of Ivy League Network games for ice hockey, basketball, water polo, swimming and diving.

For its hockey games, Harvard’s production staff is using Marshall’s third generation CV343-CSB/CS camera. The camera features a 1/3-inch, high-speed sensor packing 2.5 megapixels of video through 3G/HD-SDI outputs. Proprietary pixel technology provides low noise ratio and can capture color images in low-light conditions, as low as 0.05 lux, per Marshall. Harvard uses the cameras to film commentators in the booth, the penalty box and behind-the-net shots.

For its underwater sports, Harvard utilizes Marshall’s CV502-WPMB/WPM. The camera is encased in a waterproof IP67-rated housing unit to provide live, underwater view of the action. Custom, adjustable mounts are placed on the cameras to allow for placement on any section of the pool.

The CV502-M camera from Marshall is Harvard’s choice for basketball broadcasts, providing behind-the-backboard angles and wide-angle locked-down shots.

Imry Halevi, director of multimedia & production for Harvard Athletics, praised the implementation of the Marshall cameras, saying in the press release: “we can use these small and very easy to set up cameras, and not have to worry about training our crew in using new gear. It really helps set broadcasts apart when viewers can see angles they don’t expect.”