Maindata finalizes DVB-H platform

Maindata, a provider of satellite IP datacasting solutions, has completed development of its DVB-H platform — a system that allows transmitting and receiving signals to commercially available DVB-H CBMS-compliant handsets.

In late November, Maindata demonstrated the DVB-H platform with Tesla transmitters and antennas for DVB-T/H to Ceské Radiokomunikace, a major Czech broadcast network operator. During the demo, live CT24 TV programming was transmitted offering high video quality, the company said.

Maindata’s DVB-H platform consists of its AV H.264 Encoder, DVB-H IP Encapsulator, Expway ESG server, Pro Television COFDM Modulator, transmitter and LG U900 DVB-H handset. The platform also supports reception by PDA with the SDIO DVB-H receiver, as well as to laptop computers with the Express Card DVB-H receiver.

Maindata said the platform provided transmission of unencrypted TV services (clear-to-air) and allowed smooth integration of SPP subsystems to allow provisioning encrypted pay TV programming.

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