LTN Global Partners With Zixi On Network Access

(Image credit: Zixi)

WALTHAM, Mass.—LTN Global has added Zixi access to its network, enabling more than 300 Zixi-integrated partners to deliver feeds to its managed service network, Zixi said today. 

The LTN network supports full-time, occasional use and event production workflows and offers 24/7 operators and monitoring teams. It can reliably deliver content anywhere in the world with guaranteed reliability and low latency, it said.

The network provides the foundation for the LTN ecosystem, which powers integrated workflows from cloud production and content aggregation to signaling and monetization through delivery. The ecosystem includes a portfolio of acquisition, decoration and signaling, production playout and other services and delivers them as complete customer-managed solutions or outsourced production services.

With the LTN Global-Zixi partnership, Zixi SDVP will be supported as a first- and last-mile or on- and off-ramp to services, sites and partners on the LTN network and ecosystem. Media companies that need to support diverse distribution and acquisition workflows across locations can access the value-added services of the ecosystem.

The more than 300 Zixi Enabled Network customers, integrated hardware and software applications, platforms and service providers that have standardized on Zixi will provide increased access in and out of LTN’s network.

Zixi’s Intelligent Data Platform aggregates 3 billion data points a day from across the Zixi Enabled Network and uses advanced analytics, machine learning and Zixi's unique video telemetry data to provide alerts based on patterns and insights that help media companies streamline broadcast operations by focusing resources to fix errors before they occur and reduce costs from root cause analysis, the company said.

“Zixi has invested years of hard work integrating the SDVP into every part of the media workflow” said John Wastcoat, senior vice president of alliances and marketing at Zixi. “We are extremely happy that our customers and partners can now use those relationships to access the managed services of the LTN Network.”

See Zixi at IBC 2021, Dec. 3-6, in Amsterdam at Stands 5.A45ca and 4.L101.

More information is available on the company’s website (opens in new tab).

Phil Kurz

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