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TiVo Makes Recordings Available to iPod, PSP

Taking the theme, "TiVo, TV your way" to the next level, TiVo subscribers to TiVoToGo can now transfer recorded TV programs to iPods or PlayStation Portable devices. The enhancement will include capabilities such as TiVo auto-sync, which enables users to choose if they want to transfer recorded shows through a PC.

TiVo will begin testing the feature in the next few weeks with a group of TiVo Series2 subscribers who own the Apple Video iPod or PSP devices, according to TiVo. TiVo also plans to make the feature available to its entire TiVo Series2 subscriber base by the first quarter of next year.

TiVoToGo was made available to all its Series2 subscribers last year, which enabled subscribers to transfer TV shows from their DVRs to a laptops or PCs over home networks. To use the new feature, subscribers will need a piece of software that facilitates the transfer of content from the PC to portable devices.

To maintain security of copyrighted digital content, TiVo plans to use a watermark technology on programs transferred to digital devices.