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‘Lopez Tonight’ Uses Sony XDCAM HD

TBS’s new late night show “Lopez Tonight,” which launched this week, is being produced using Sony’s XDCAM HD422 PDW-HD1500 decks. The decks can be used for recording, mastering, post production and archiving program material. The XDCAM HD system has a file-based workflow and cost-effective media that can be archived.

“The unique production capabilities of the XDCAM HD technology and the overall workflow of the HD Sony equipment will meet the show’s requirements for capturing and producing programming, handling various content sources, graphics and a mix of live and pre-recorded material, “said Wayne Zuchowski, group manager for XDCAM systems at Sony Electronics. “The random access nature of the optical workflow will also keep up with the show’s fast paced-paced environment.”

The XDCAM HD PDW HD1500 deck includes a Gigabit Ethernet data drive that can write any flash memory file format from any code onto the optical disc media. Files can then be previewed using a web browser, transferred over IT networks, archived, and accessed by multiple people simultaneously.