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Local government channel cost-effectively automates with NVerzion

Rockville 11, the government cable channel for the City of Rockville, Md., is using broadcast automation software from Nversion to handle playout and master control operations at the 24/7 station. The NVerzion technology gives Rockville 11 a reliable and cost-effective solution to support its move to an all-HD tapeless workflow.

The station’s new NVerzion system provides for scheduling and automation of station programming including control of a Harris NEXIO video server, a Miranda digital video router, and a Ross Video XPression 3-D HD character generator. With a complete system in place comprising NVerzion applications NControl, NGest, NBase, NView, and NPoint, Rockville 11 is now fully equipped to schedule, automate, and manage content directly from the video server as well as dynamic graphic overlays for the final on-air transmission.

The NVerzion automation platform features vendor-agnostic product controls including 67 inclusive control protocols in the portfolio of controllable devices, 40 different archive and server configurations, 14 different master control protocols and 18 different primary and sub-protocols to control third-party devices.

Located at the Rockville City Hall, Rockville 11 is the official government channel of the City of Rockville and is carried on Comcast, Verizon and RCN channel 11. Rockville 11 programming is also streamed live and available via the city's on-demand archiving system.