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Litepanels shines light on water consciousness documentary

Veteran cinematographer Donald A. Morgan ASC used Litepanels LED fixtures as his only lighting source for a documentary on the power of healing and discovering the power within.

The project, shot during an international HADO convention in Japan, centered on Dr. Masaru Emoto, his teaching of HADO, and his research into water consciousness.

Equipment for the mobile shoot had to be fast and flexible. Whether shooting the convention or the extensive interviews with noted people in attendance, Morgan needed to be up and running within five to 10 minutes. To do this he used highly portable cameras and Litepanels 1x1s and the MicroPro.

Morgan had a single daylight balanced dim/spot/flood 1x1 that allowed him to shoot outside and get eyelight between 2ft and 6ft from the subject, even in bright sunlight. He got both good light and color balance.

Morgan carried two MicroPros that run of standard AA batteries, and a 1x1 light that ran on an Anton Bauer battery mounted on the back. The 1x1 runs for six hours on the single battery. The lightweight, ultra-flat profile of the 1x1s makes it a versatile production light.

The ability to throw even light, whether daylight or tungsten, the dimming ability and coolness to touch allowed him to use these lights in tight and close positions. The MicroPro is an added bonus for smaller cameras like the Sony EX1 and the new video shooting with DSLRs.