Lionsgate uses 2-D barcodes to promote 'For Colored Girls'

Lionsgate has created an integrated mobile marketing campaign using 2-D barcodes to promote director Tyler Perry’s new movie “For Colored Girls.” Augme Technologies is providing the marketing platform to allow consumers interact with the movie poster and other collateral material. The 2-D barcodes are featured on printed posters; users can either scan the bar code or, alternatively, text the keyword “colors” to the short code 30333. Users are then redirected to a mobile site where they can watch the trailer, view a “living portraits gallery” of the cast, read a synopsis and interact with other marketing material. In the days before the movie debuted, users could set up an SMS reminder for the movie’s release date.

Because nearly every mobile device can send and receive an SMS message, this mobile marketing solution can scale widely. Even so, most consumers are unfamiliar with the concept of mobile barcodes and require education to give them a try. An increasing number of studios are using mobile barcodes to market feature films.