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LINX Electronics announces new DTV products for broadcasters

LINX Electronics introduced the QuickLink, the TVLinx, the MPEG-STAR and the Transport Stream Monitor and Transcoder at NAB2003.

QuickLinx, a DTV conversion rack is a one rack DTV conversion system designed to help small to mid-size TV stations meet the challenges of the DTV transition. The system:

  • Provides complete DTV master control
  • Converts analog to digital
  • Up-converts to 1080i or 720p
  • Provides closed captioning
  • Can switch feeds between local and network
  • Handles 2 channel or 5.1 channel audio
  • Contains an ATSC standard encoder and a TVLINX PSIP generator, with options for logo insertion, EAS, voice-overs, and switcher control

TVLinx is a PSIP generator to provide the tables required for an ATSC DTV transport stream, featuring seamless generation, editing, navigation and searching of DTV schedules, a comprehensive and easy-to-use interface, recurring event, default event, search event gaps, search event overlap and event overrun features.

MPEG-STAR is an MPEG Stream Generator, Analyzer and Recorder for ATSC or DVB station operation monitoring and in-depth real-time or offline analysis.

Transport Stream Monitor and Trans-Coder, a confidence monitor for transport streams with the ability to monitor all virtual channels present, including features for ASI & SMPTE 310M inputs with BNC connectors, LVDS input: DB25 connector, a variety of transport formats including: MPEG188/204 byte packets, 16:9 aspect ratio accommodated, and an optional Trans-Coder, which is a low cost transport stream analyzer.

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