Linear Acoustic to show Streamstacker-HD at IBC

Linear Acoustic will spotlight its new StreamStacker-HD high-density audio distribution system at IBC2006.

Using advanced multiplexing and coding technologies, StreamStacker-HD enables multiple channels of PCM and emission rate audio with audio metadata and user-definable auxiliary data to be carried over a single AES/EBU-format digital pair.

The StreamStacker-HD system comprises the Model LA-5173 Encoder and Model LA-5174 decoder, a configuration that allows all the audio and associated audio data to be kept together in a single package that can be routed, stored and distributed through any network capable of carrying AES3 digital audio.

StreamStacker-HD is designed to simplify the generating of multiple programs with surround sound, audio metadata and associated auxiliary data. The system partitions digital audio and companion data according to user setups derived from the LA-5173 encoder.

Up to 16 channels of PCM audio can be input to the encoder as eight AES pairs or through HD or SD-SDI. Alternately, emission rate audio programs-such as AC-3, AAC-Plus or DTS-LBR can replace some or all of the PCM channels, allowing a custom mixture of programs in formats most suited for a given application.

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