Linear Acoustic Myth Busters Tour returns

The Linear Acoustic Myth Busters Tour will be back throughout 2009. Presented at local Society of Broadcast Engineer chapter meetings across the United States, the tour features audio experts addressing common misconceptions about the role of audio processing.

Among the myths that the tour addresses are the notions that DTV audio processing is unnecessary and that outdated radio equipment or recording studio gear can meet the needs of DTV. By presenting highly integrated professional processing solutions, Linear Acoustic also challenges the myth that many different pieces of gear are required to handle audio, metadata and encoding.

The initial dates and locations announced thus far for the 2009 tour include:
· Feb. 26 - St. Louis
· March 19 – New York City
· April 28 – Sacramento, CA
· April 29 – San Francisco
· April 30 – Fresno, CA
· July 13 – Portland, OR
· July 14 – Eugene, OR
· July 15 – Medford, OR

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