Linear Acoustic Licenses Technology to Digital Nirvana

Linear Acoustic has announced that it has entered into an exclusive licensing arrangement with Digital Nirvana to incorporate Linear Acoustic’s LQ-1000 Loudness Quality Monitor technology into Digital Nirvana’s MonitorIQ BMS, a broadcast monitoring system.

The deal is intended to provide broadcasters with a complete toolset for monitoring all elements in the broadcast chain.

“Audio loudness is the hotbed of regulatory actions world-wide,” said Tim Carroll, president and founder of Linear Acoustic. “Our partnership with Digital Nirvana is the natural next step to enable broadcasters to measure and now prove loudness compliance over time.”

The Linear Acoustic LQ-1000 provides loudness and peak level metering and the Digital Nirvana MonitorIQ BMS combines several functionalities, including content recording and retrieval, contents searches, archiving, ad verification and tracking. The addition of LQ-1000 functionality will provide ITU, EBU and ATSC standard loudness data on a continuous basis and present users with a comprehensive “snapshot” of all broadcast signal parameters