Limelight Networks unveils new content delivery network

Digital media content delivery network Limelight Networks has announced a global delivery capability that now exceeds 1Tb/s.

Strong customer growth across video, music, games and social media has driven Limelight to complete this infrastructure deployment milestone.

Limelight's delivery capacity is a combination of highly scalable delivery services deployed at key regional locations and massive provisioning to broadband last-mile networks. This architecture is ideally suited to the requirements of global digital media delivery, wherein increasingly large files, such as music, video and movies, are being delivered to rapidly growing worldwide broadband audiences.

Limelight Networks offers three primary delivery services:

  • Content Delivery, providing HTTP/Web distribution of all digital media formats;
  • Streaming Media, providing on-demand and live streaming for all major formats including Windows Media, Flash, QuickTime, Real and MP3;
  • Custom CDN, which includes custom content delivery deployments and solutions.

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