Light Field Lab Receives $28M in Funding for Holographic Displays

STUTTGART, Germany—Light Field Lab, which was founded in 2017 to develop holographic display technology, has raised $28 million as part of a Series A round of funding that was led by Bosch Venture Capital and Taiwan Capital. The San Jose-based company plans to use its new influx of funds to take its prototype technology to fully functional products that will be available for consumers, as well as continue its goal of creating a TV that can recreate 3D holograms.

Light Field Lab’s technology is designed to enable viewers to see holographic objects without the need of head-mounted accessories. They do this by recreating the way rays of light bounce off objects in 3D space.

The initial targeted market for Light Field Lab’s products are location-based entertainment venues, including spaces that feature modular video walls for live events. Eventually, the company plans to design a consumer product with its technology, manifested as a TV screen that can be used for gaming or other forms of home entertainment.

“Light Field Lab has the leadership and technical expertise to bring this vision of the holographic future to life,” said Dr. Ingo Ramesohl, managing director for Bosch Venture Capital in the company’s announcement.