LifeSize Unveils Next-Gen for HD Corporate Telepresence

LifeSize Communications, which provides technology and facilities for HD-quality teleconferencing, has released its newest generation product line for video communications that provides 1080p/30 fps, 720p/60 fps and 720p/30 fps modes. The life-like size and image quality are designed to provide an "immersive" experience for distant conference participants.

Both LifeSize's "Room 200" and "Conference 200" systems use what the firm says is unprecedented bandwidth flexibility required for each communications scenario, including split-screen and HD-quality data sharing while in 720p/30 fps mode.

The firm, headquartered in Austin, Texas, said a "breakthrough" in bandwidth efficiency permits delivery of 1080p/30 at 1.7 Mbps and 720p/60 at 1.1 Mbps—along with 720p/30 at only 768 kbps.