'LifeSize' Job Interviews Offered in HD

LifeSize, an HD communications firm in Austin, Texas, has begun a collaborative project with Boyden, a Washington, D.C.-based international executive search firm, to conduct remote job interviews as part of Boyden's initial evaluation process.

Boyden has established a live HD job service to allow firms in the greater Baltimore region the opportunity to use its LifeSize-furnished facility and video system on an as-needed basis. (According to its Web site, the list of Boyden clients includes the CIA and National Security Agency.)

The Boyden facility, called the "LifeSize Room," provides HD-quality "face-to-face interviews with prospective employees. Before implementing the LifeSize Room concept, Boyden said in a statement it relied on video services provided by FedEx Kinko's to remote-interview job candidates. Boyden said its new Baltimore HD facility from LifeSize is more cost-effective.