LG Shows 84-inch Ultra Hi-Def 3DTV

SEATTLE: LG unveiled the “world’s largest” flat-panel 3DTV at the Society for Information Display trade show in Seattle this week. Reports from the event say the Korean electronics giant is showing an 84-inch 3DTV with ultra high-definition of 3,840-by-2,160 lines of resolution, four times that of regular HDTVs.

LG also is reported to be showing a 47-inch thin-film transfer 3D LCD TV that works with polarized glasses. Most of the 3DTVs coming to market this year use shutter glasses, which have to be synced to their respective TV sets. Polarized glasses would be more interchangeable.

The TFT-LCD also features in-plane switching, which allows for improved picture display for viewing at an angle. Crosstalk on the set--where the left- and right-eye images overlap and create “ghost” images--is less than a single percent and said to be imperceptible to a viewer. The set won the Society’s Gold Display of the Year Award. It provided a synopsis of how the set works:

LG Display’s 47-in. 3D LCD module is the first commercially available TFT-LCD module for 3D televisions in the mid-40-inch range. The panel works with polarized glasses and provides excellent, bright, and comfortable-to-eye 3D imagery, free from crosstalk and flicker that causes dizziness and eye tiredness. The patterned retarder separates the polarization states between the odd and even lines so that right- and left-eye images can be seen perfect separately. Right-eye images are presented by the odd lines, and left-eye images by the even lines. Viewers’ right and left eyes therefore see different images with the polarized glasses, making the images appear three-dimensional.In addition, the panel also uses in-plane switching for superior viewing. It employs LG Display’s proprietary technology to realize clear imagery, and is brighter than any other currently available 3D LCD panels that use glasses.”

LG is showing a third “liquid lens” TV that displays 3D without the need for shutter or polarized eyewear. Further details about the display are unavailable.

The SID’s Display Week show runs through May 28 at the Washington State Convention Center. SID’s other best-of-show winners are available here.
-- Deborah D. McAdams