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LG Begins Mass-producing 3D 1080p Displays

LG has begun mass-producing 3D 1080p LCD 23-inch panels (try saying that out loud three times) that requires consumers to use shutter glasses for 3D effects. It's not fully clear yet why the relatively small screen size seems more suitable for a computer monitor than a home DTV set.

The panel will use the maker's proprietary "high-performance 3D exclusive controller" engineered to enhance resolution and other visual elements, according to LG. It also said the units will provide more than twice as much image "information" as current 3D LCD models. For those not into 3D and the required glasses, the LG panel can quickly switch to 2D.

LG said it believes its LG Display department has made a "major breakthrough in the display industry race to deliver the depth and dynamic nature of 3D images."

Missing from the announcement was any hint of possible price points. Except for some promotional displays, the new units were not expected to be on shelves for the current holiday sales season in North America or elsewhere.