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Lenses at the 2013 NAB Show

LAS VEGAS-- Since digital video images can be only as crisp as the weakest link in the chain, lensmakers are designing PL-mount lenses that outperform the 4K imagers in digital cinematography cameras.

Canon’s compact Cine Zoom 15.4-47 Canon will show a number of cinema 4K/HD primes and zooms for Canon Cinema EOS cameras, and broadcast HDTV lenses for ENG, EFP, sports, and studio productions. The cinema lens line is designed for single-sensor Super 35mm CMOS Cinema EOS C300, C100, and C500 cameras and includes two high-end zooms, two compact zooms, and a full set of primes. Broadcast lens offerings include portable ENG and EFP models, image-stabilized long-zoom HD field lenses, and HD studio lenses.

Fujinon’s ZK3-5x85-1 85-300 mm Cabrio Fujinon will introduce a new member of the company’s Premier PL digital cinematography family, the PL 85-300. It’s similar in size and weight to the previously introduced PL 19-90, but has a longer maximum focal length and is equipped with a zoom range suited for documentaries, nature and wildlife shows, car commercials and other demanding productions. Also look for the Fujinon XA99x8.4 ultra-wide field production lens which has a zoom range of 99 x, (the focal length varies from 8.4 to 832 mm). The XA99x offers an f1.7 aperture to 341mm, and an f4.2 at 832 mm.

Schneider Optics will debut its New Century 1.4X Mk II and 2.0X Mk II PL to PL Tele-Extenders, which are designed for PL mount single-sensor cameras and lenses. The Tele-Extenders mount between a camera and PL- mount lens, extending the zoom range to a telephoto focal length and allow zooming while maintaining focus. Schneider also has added two new lenses to its iPro System for iPhone 4, 4S and 5. The 0.45X Ultra wide provides a spectacular field of view with minimal distortion. The iPro Macro allows the iPhone to focus on objects close to the lens front.

Thales Angénieux Optimo 19.5-94 mm lens Thales Angénieux will showcase seven lenses that feature 5K image coverage (31.4 mm diagonal). These include the Optimo Lightweight Hand-Held Lenses in 15-40 mm (T2.6), 28-76 mm (T2.6), and 45-120 mm focal lengths, and the new Optimo Long Lenses available in 19.5-94 mm (T2.6) and 28-340 mm (T 3.2) focal lengths.

OConnor will premier its Universal Rings for O-Box WM wide angle matte box. The new Universal Rings are made of a seamless, high-tech material allowing a ring to flex over lens diameters from 150mm to 55mm. Also look for OConnor’s new O-Focus Dual Mini Lens controls, a professional follow-focus system available in two versions: Photo Set and the Cine Set. Each provides its own unique transmission ratio for either still or cine-style lenses.

Schneider Optics will introduce the Arri Alexa Filter System, developed in cooperation with Clairmont Camera. This in-camera filter system holds interchangeable Schneider filters and includes a specially designed magnetic filter holder to replace the light baffle in the Alexa camera. Also showing will be the Blue Streak filter that provides a heavily horizontal flare with a blue cast simulating effects obtained with anamorphic lenses.