LEIGHTRONIX has introduced the MINI-T-NX, a low-cost video server that offers a complete station automation solution for local broadcast, cable, and private in-house communication networks. The all-in-one MINI-T-NX comes equipped with everything needed for successful playback operations, including digital video playback, video messaging/digital signage, DVD/VCR control, and video/audio switching.

Even those with limited budgets can realize the many benefits of digital video playback with the MINI-TNX’s internal MPEG-2 video/audio server. A hardware MPEG decoder provides high quality playback of digital media. The internal hard drive provides online storage for thousands of video programs and clips while high-speed Ethernet allows fast file transfers over local or wide area networks and system access from virtually anywhere via the Internet.

The digital video messaging feature included with the MINI-T-NX makes it easy to synchronize individual video slides or slide shows with program playback, filling gaps between programs or placing targeted messages at specific times. Slide shows of common JPEG images can be organized and activated within the schedule based on time of day and day of week. The internal non-volatile memory in the MINI-T-NX holds thousands of video slides.

Legacy device control is fully integrated with the MINI-T-NX, not an afterthought. Two infrared control ports (with IR transmitters) provide control for DVD players and VCRs from manufacturers such as JVC, Panasonic, Pioneer, Sony, and Tascam. Optional PRO-BUSTM device control interfaces provide control for an even wider range of DVD and videotape playback and recording equipment. Hundreds of DVD players, DVD recorders, and VCRs are supported via a variety of remote control schemes, including infrared (adhesive), wired (mini-plug), multi-pin (parallel), and serial (RS-422).

The MINI-T-NX is equipped with an internal video/audio switcher, providing source switching for system resources such as DVD, videotape, satellite, and live feeds. The internal switcher maximizes the system flexibility, lowers the overall system cost, and eliminates problems associated with controlling third party switching equipment. The internal switcher features active, vertical interval switching with synchronized sources and video-loss detection with automatic, user-selectable fallbacks.

WinMTNX software accompanies the MINI-T-NX at no extra cost and includes free updates for the life of the product. Secure login through WinMTNX puts authorized users in control of system monitoring, configuration, scheduling, transfer and management of digital media, and immediate system control. A comprehensive media resource library supports MPEG video/audio, JPEG video slides, and DVD/videotape titles. Easy drag and drop scheduling with error checking and conflict reporting ensures a professional on-air presence. Flexible scheduling tools such as media loop, playlists, and gap fill, help to automatically fill time between programs and provide seamless playback.