Leightronix Interfaces with Sony

Leightronix has released a new control interface for the Sony DVP-CX777ES multi-disc DVD changer/player.

The latest addition to the Leightronix Plus-Bus series is the PLSYDVDCH control interface. The Plus-Bus series interfaces operate exclusively with the Leightronix TCD/IP, a stand-alone programmable controller that provides unattended playback and recording for cable and broadcast television operations.

The PLSYDVDCH interface links between the TCD/IP and the DVP-CX777ES DVD changer/player. Bi-directional RS-232 communications allow the PLSYDVDCH interface to access key DVD functions, including random selection of up to 400 DVDs, cue programming by title:track, and standard play-stop-pause commands.

Users who combine TCD/IP with the PLSYDVDCH interface can integrate a DVD player/changer into a playback system along with other analog and digital resources, including VCRs and servers.