Leadership changes at Omneon Video Networks

Stating that it is positioning itself for the next phase of growth, media server manufacturer Omneon Video Networks announced that Larry Kaplan has been appointed Executive Chairman of the company’s Board of Directors and that Joe Kennedy will take his place as president and CEO.

Omneon said these dual appointments would enable it to capitalize on the industry and management experience of both executives and strengthen the ability of the company to deliver enterprise-class technology that solves the unique challenges of the broadcast market.

Kaplan, who is a founder of the Omneon Video Networks, will now focus on strategic partnerships and other activities.

Kennedy has headed a number of computer-industry technology companies, such as Pluris Networks, Rapid City Communications (acquired by Bay Networks), Hughes LAN Systems and Phoenix Technology. He also led venture-funding efforts and has been very successful in both fund raising and achieving increasing valuations for his companies.

In his role of president and CEO for Omneon, Kennedy will be responsible for setting company direction as well as managing all day-to-day operations, according to Omneon.

Kaplan co-founded Omneon Video Networks in 1998 and has served as the Company’s chief executive since its inception. Prior to that, he worked at Sony Electronics, Tektronix, and the Grass Valley Group.

For more information visit www.omneon.com.

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