Leader upgrades LV5800 HD/SD-SDI monitoring instrument

Leader Electronics has added an audio loudness measurement capability and an alarm-triggered video frame capture to its LV5800 HD/SD-SDI monitoring instrument.

The loudness measurement function can be used with embedded audio (PCM, Dolby-E, AC3) and AES-EBU (PCM, Dolby-E, AC3). The video frame capture feature can be triggered by a variety of alarm conditions, including: TRS error, line number error, illegal code error, parity error (ANC data), checksum error (ANC data), gamut error, composite gamut error and level error.

The loudness measurement complies with ITU-R BS.1770-1, Loudness-F and Loudness-S scales and is available for embedded and external audio, including configurations with Dolby-E.

These new features are included as standard with all new instruments shipped as of today. All existing owners are entitled to a free upgrade.

For more information, visit www.elquip.com.