Leader Monitor Takes the Stage for NEP

LONDON—To paraphrase Constantin Stanislavski, there are no small parts, only small players, and Leader was one of those players during a recent recording of a stage play in London’s West End by NEP Visions. Leader contributed its LV5940 4K multi-format waveform monitor to serve as the master reference instrument for the UHD capture of Martin McDonagh’s new play “Hangman.”

The LV5940 waveform monitor supports standard video production and transmission resolutions from 525 and 625 SD up to 3840x2160 and 4096x2160 4K UHD. It features a 9-inch LCD monitor that can view and analyze up to four video channels simultaneously. It comes with eight input connectors allowing the system to accept up to two 4K signals. In the 4K video format, up to four 3G-SDI dual link 4K video inputs or up to two 3G-SDI quad link 4K video inputs can be selected for display, or two sets of HD-SDI dual link signals. Up to four signals can be displayed simultaneously in the SDI mode. The unit can also handle video signals via two-sample interleave and square division.

Additional features of the unit include CineLite and CineZone features to measure luminance; audio monitoring and analysis tools; video frame capture; instrumentation screen capture; timecode display; ID display; and a 4K pattern generator with embedded audio.

“The LV5940 proved very useful both for initial lineup and during the stage production,” said Chris Cannon, head of vision and VT at NEP Visions. “It enabled us to ensure precise phase alignment between the four HD-SDI channels that carry the UHD signal stream. We also used the LV5940 to check the colorimetry of the six Sony PMW-F55 cameras we used for the project.”

The finished recording has been is being utilized by Vue Cinema to show to audiences in the U.K. as a 4K digital cinema package.