Latest Observer monitors loudness for cable operators

Volicon ( has added integrated real-time loudness monitoring capabilities to its Observer version 6.0 video monitoring and logging system, targeted at the cable market.

The Observer Remote Program Monitor (RPM) and MPEG Transport Stream (TS) systems offer loudness monitoring tools that help cable operators to maintain compliance with the Commercial Advertisement Loudness Mitigation Act (CALM Act) (ATSC A/85 RP) and the European Broadcast Union (EBU P/LOUD R 128). The unit monitors and logs the audio, video and BS.1770-2 loudness measurements and provides real-time feedback. It also provides an easy method to export a visual affidavit to address loudness complaints quickly and easily.

The way the new loudness regulations are written, even if a program producer provides content that is noncompliant, the cable operator, as the distributor of the program, is liable for a fine.

Given the growth in local advertising, the company said it is critical that cable operators can perform local ad insertion while maintaining compliance with loudness regulations, and increasing subscriber satisfaction.

Volicon said the Observer TS and RPM provides the cable operator an easy-to-use tool to monitor and review ad loudness along with a recorded and exportable A/V affidavit with frame-accurate measurements. The Observer products enable cable operators to monitor, troubleshoot and address any loudness complaints quickly.

Observer provides a constant on-screen record indication of both loudness and loudness range measurements. Adjustable short-form (e.g. 10/15/30/60s) and long-form (hours/days) measurements enable quick comparison of ad loudness with surrounding content.

To speed mitigation of loudness complaints, users can access the suspect area of the broadcast by date or time navigation; view loudness measurements; troubleshoot loudness according to an acceptable range; and then export ad — all with integrated audio, video and measurements as evidence of compliance.