Laser Pacific Installs QuVIS Servers

West Coast post house Laser Pacific has purchased an unspecified number of QuVIS QuBit DDRs to help migrate the facility from a tape to data platform.

Laser Pacific served as a beta tester for QuVIS post-production technology, providing feedback to help the manufacturer develop the QuBit ST 2.3 DDRs. The DDRs are part of QuVIS platform to help post houses move from tape formats to resolution-independent, digital media mastering facilities by offering nonlinear disk-based data systems, system and image management tools, separate audio, video, metadata and time code management and compatibility with existing equipment.

QuBit's server-based technology can drop in as a VTR replacement for editing, timing and visual effects without disrupting current workflows. It can double for digital screenings of dailies and features films in process and was recently used to deliver Ted Turner's upcoming flick "Gods and Generals."