Landau relies on JBL surround monitors for ‘Survivor: China’

Demonstrating the sonic integrity of JBL Professional’s LSR4300 Series studio monitors, composer Russ Landau mixed the theme song for the new “Survivor: China” reality TV show. To create the theme for the show, staged in the Chinese province of Jiang Xi, Landau recorded a women’s choir from Beijing singing an ancient Russian chant, translated into Mandarin. The LSR4300 Series have been Landau’s house monitors since his work on Mark Burnett’s spring 2007 reality show, “Pirate Master.”

It was on that project that Landau first experienced the LSR4300 in a critical application, comparing various mixes of the soundtrack. “Just for fun, I tried out the LSR4300 Series monitors and A/B’d the separate mixes,” he said. “I was horrified to find a vast difference in the mixes. The JBL LSR4300 Series studio monitors allowed me to send a mix they loved and saved my life. If the producers are hearing something different than what you hear when you print the mix, that’s a huge problem. Thanks to the LSR4300s, I know the mixes will translate accurately from studio to studio.”

Russ Landau has created scores for numerous high-profile projects, many in reality television, including original soundtracks for “Survivor,” “Fear Factor,” and “Eco Challenge.” He has scored extensively for both film and television, dating back to the classic TV cartoon, “Ren and Stimpy.”

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