KVH Industries Awarded Patent for Hybrid Phased-Array Antenna

KVH Industries has been awarded a U.S. patent for its antenna technology that is used for live satellite TV programming in passenger vehicles.

The technology is used in the company's TracVision A5 satellite system to transmit more than 125 channels of programming from DirecTV.

"The technology outlined in this patent has allowed us to create a flat panel antenna system that is at the heart of the TracVision A5," said Kal Ganesan, vice president of engineering for the Middletown, R.I.-based company.

The TracVision A5 uses the company's hybrid phased-array technology to create a low-profile satellite TV antenna designed to work in everything from SUVs to minivans and comes with a tamper-resistant roof mount system for vehicles that do not already have roof racks.

General Motors awarded the TracVision 5 with the "Most Innovative Product Design" honor in 2004.