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Ktech announces DTV translator package for NTIA reimbursement

Ktech Telecom is offering low-power TV stations financial help to smooth the DTV transition, in the form of a new DTV Translator Package that takes advantage of the National Telecommunications Information Administration (NTIA) Digital Translator Reimbursement program.

In 2008, the U.S. Congress set aside $44 million to help U.S. translator operators install new equipment for digital television broadcasting. However, this program has been operated on a reimbursement basis, and it has been underutilized due to the significant initial cash outlay that translator operators have been required to spend. This program is operated by the NTIA.

Ktech Telecom has unveiled a new financing program that will enable operators to purchase a DTV translator without having to outlay the large capital commitment required. On approved credit, the DTV operator who otherwise meets the requirements of the NTIA Reimbursement Program may purchase a translator by entering into a purchase order and a secured promissory note agreement with Ktech Telecom.

The note will be repayable by the operator within six months or with receipt of its reimbursement under the NTIA program. The collateral for the note will include the translator. Ktech said it would implement this new financing option on a first-come first-served basis for a limited time only.

Ktech Telecom’s package covered by this new financing option includes a 100W average digital solid-state amplifier, a stringent mask filter, a power supply, a power meter and a controller, and an 8VSB exciter with automatic linear and nonlinear precorrection technology and PSIP update technology.