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KRON Helps Beat Bay-Area Traffic

Beat the Traffic takes a look at San Francisco San Francisco's KRON has joined the ranks of stations using Beat the Traffic software, bringing the 3D images to its broadcasts and Web site.

The system gives up-to-the-minute traffic reports with maps and real-time traffic speeds.

"We deliver more traffic reports than any other station in the market," sais KRON News Director Aaron Pero. "We have to be good and we're always looking for more reliable, innovative ways to bring our viewers the traffic. We chose Beat the Traffic because it is visually far superior than traffic reports on any other station and it makes it easier for our viewers to understand."

Beat the Traffic pulls road data directly from Caltrans, the California Highway Patrol and and other private and public traffic monitoring networks. It also has travel forecasting, using historical traffic information to predict how long it will take to arrive at a destination at a given time.

Beat the Traffic is made by Triangle Software, based in Campbell, Calif.