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KRNV-TV delivers HD view of Great Reno Balloon Race

KRNV-TV News 4 gave viewers the best seat in the house for the 2008 Great Reno Balloon Race, Sept. 5-7.

The station broadcast the “Hare & Hound: Hunting Balloon-style” event in HD using four RF Central RFX-CMT-II camera-mounted transmitters and four of its RFX-RMR-II rack-mount receivers as more than 100 hot air balloons took flight in Nevada. Each set of four were deployed along with KRNV-TV’s HD field cameras for wirelessly transmitting video and audio back to the station’s central receive point, located at its satellite production van.

The Great Reno Balloon Race is the largest free hot air ballooning event in the nation. The event takes place just a few miles north of downtown Reno.

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