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Kramer Electronics new series of computer graphics video distribution amplifiers are now available. The VP-3xl, VP-4xl and VP-5xl DAs feature newly designed sync circuitry to ensure compatibility with the range of sync signal variances found in common PCs and displays.

The distribution amplifiers (1:3, 1:4, and 1:5) are designed for computer graphics video signals. Each device includes front panel EQ control to compensate for long cable runs and switches for ID bit control. They also include video bandwidth capacity of more than 375MHz at (-3dB) fully loaded, making them compatible with computer graphics video resolutions from VGA through QXGA.

The DAs include advanced sync processing circuits that are designed to accommodate wide variations in the sync signals, so that any PC or any display connected will operate flawlessly.

The VP-3xl, VP-4xl and VP-5xl each accept one input; provide necessary buffering and isolation; and then distribute the signal to each of its identical outputs. The machines have internal international power supplies and are housed in a half 19in enclosure.

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