KPRC deploys Telestream Launch for ENG

NBC affiliate, KPRC, in Houston, TX, has deployed Telestream's Launch media delivery software to streamline the way news is delivered to the station from remote locations. Launch is a file-based media delivery software solution that, when combined with nonlinear video editing software on standard laptop computers, provides a portable, all-in-one solution for editing and transmitting news clips via standard or wireless Internet to the station.

Before the addition of Launch, KPRC spent a lot of time coordinating out-of-town transmission logistics with local stations. They either contacted the stations in advance or knocked on the doors of on-site trucks to request the use of local facilities. They also shipped a lot of gear out of town. Now, they simply send their news crew outfitted with a Sony XDCAM digital camcorder and a Dell laptop loaded with Grass Valley NewsEdit LT nonlinear news editing software and Launch IP media delivery software.

Media files are transferred from the XDCAM via FireWire to NewsEdit on the laptop. Once the piece is edited, it can be saved in native Vibrint format or as an AVI file and sent to Launch, which transcodes the media into a transport-efficient, broadcast-quality Windows Media 9 file format. Then, the photographer simply hooks up the laptop to an Internet connection, commonly available at a hotel or Internet cafe, and transmits the clips.

Within minutes, media files are received at the station by Telestream's FlipFactory, which automatically ingests and transfers the files to a Grass Valley K2 media server, where content is immediately accessible by any of the station's newsroom NewsEdit SC and XT editing systems.

Telestream Launch software for Windows and Mac platforms is now in version 1.1 and enables Windows users to deliver media with custom metadata labels and associated documents. This reduces the number of files being delivered to the newsroom and enables easy searching of media based on label metadata.

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