KoreaTV Produces National Counterterrorism Exercise With TVU One Transmitters

TVU Networks
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MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif.—The Republic of Korea’s Army Special Warfare Command deployed TVU One 4K HDR mobile transmitters for the live broadcast Nov. 12 of the 2021 National Counter-Terrorism Comprehensive Exercise hosted by South Korean Prime Minister Kim Boo-kyum.

Some 450 people from eight organizations participated in the exercise, which simulated emergency action in four terrorist attack scenarios, including the hijacking of passenger ships at sea, occupation of land passenger terminals and explosive and bio-chemical threats, TVU said.

KoreaTV, a national television network, and regional broadcaster OBS Gyeongin TV broadcast the exercise live. 

The national broadcaster combined real-time coverage from passenger ships, police cars, drones, speedboats and TV reporters. Four TVU One mobile transmitters and two dual-channel TVU Transceivers were used to transmit and receive live video signals for the coverage, it said.

All signals were transported to the KoreaTV studio center where the director orchestrated the live production, directing broadcast, audio and graphics producers as shots were switched. Background music and graphics were added before the production was delivered via KoreaTV’s public channels.

The TVU One transmitters provided mobile transmission through network signal fluctuations with frame synchronization, rapid multi-position synchronous switching and multi-view conversion to stabilize live signals across challenging airborne and seaborne camera positions, the company said. 

“The TVU One 5G transmitters brought great convenience to the live video broadcast of this anti-terrorism drill. The cameraperson could shoot alone and move quickly to capture more details of the drill and send it back to the command center,” said OBS Gyeongin TV technical manager GunHo Song.

“The output frame synchronization of multiple TVU One transmitters solved the problem of using multiple sets of devices for production,” he said. “Compared with traditional video capture and transmission solutions, TVU live broadcast is simpler, reduces costs, and it provided great live video for this drill.”

More information is available on the TVU Networks website (opens in new tab).

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