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Kodak to Offer HD Player for Producing Multimedia ‘Memories’

Eastman Kodak, a household name that has struggled mightily to put the era of film stock behind it and transition into the digital age, has unveiled some details of its Kodak Theatre HD Player, a media device that Kodak said will allow consumers to interact with a maximum amount of freedom and creativity to showcase their “most valuable possessions”—their memories.

The Rochester, N.Y., firm said its new player will employ broadband (including Wi-Fi) online accessing, 720p video imaging, still-picture “snapshot” displays, audio files, old home movies, and other electronic and print media to allow users to make presentations on their HD television monitors. The consumer, playing both producer and director, will be able to present multimedia productions using a wireless remote control pointer.

Kodak said market trials on the ambitious product will begin in September, and new forms of multimedia (using outside partners) will be rolled out in various stages over several months.