Kodak and Stereomedia demo 3-D stereo imaging

Eastman Kodak and Stereomedia Productions, a producer of 3-D stereo content, conducted demonstrations of 3-D stereo imagery last week at SIGGRAPH 2004 in Los Angeles.

The Kodak 3D Stereo Display, which can be viewed without special glasses or filters, is well suited to graphics-intensive applications for customers in industries ranging from military and government to oil and gas exploration, to health imaging and industrial CAD/CAM visualization.

In the demo, the user sits in front of a system that creates a virtual image of two high-resolution LCD displays, one for each eye. The user looks into two floating balls of light that provide each eye a view of a magnified image of one of the two displays. The combination of the wide field of view, the virtual image, and the absence of imaging artifacts eliminates many of the sources of eyestrain that are present in other stereoscopic systems. Visit Kodak for more information on its 3-D stereo.

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