KNME, KQED select SignaSys, Triveni for ATSC stream monitoring

Two local PBS affiliates have selected SignaSys and Triveni Digital for quality monitoring and measuring of their DTV broadcast streams.

KNME-TV, the University of New Mexico-Albuquerque PBS affiliate, and KQED-TV, in San Francisco, recently secured Triveni Digital's StreamScope. The StreamScope allows broadcasters to record, monitor, measure and analyze DTV streams and signals.

Broadcasters can validate reception of their ATSC DTV signals and transport streams throughout their geographic coverage base, while ensuring compliance of their ATSC transport streams with ATSC standards.

These complex, evolving standards for DTV, data broadcast and interactive TV applications make the integrity and reliability of the DTV transport stream critical to any station's success. StreamScope analysis focuses primarily on:

  • PSIP problems, which can prevent DTV receivers from tuning correctly to channels and can cause incorrect information in electronic program guides;
  • Audio and video buffer under or overflow, which causes audio or video to break up or lose synchronization;
  • Careful management of bandwidth, which allows users to have higher quality signals and in extreme cases more concurrent channels.
  • Compliance with legal DTV broadcast requirements.

SignaSys recently launched a Targeted Service Offering (TSO) providing ATSC Compliance Reports for stations that aren't yet ready to invest in this type of equipment. TSO-ATSC Compliance Report provides a detailed read on a station's DTV transport streams for compliance with ATSC standards. Customers receive an analysis report focusing primarily on ATSC Program and System Information Protocol (PSIP) standard, audio and video buffer usage, and Program Clock Reference (PCR) frequency and jitter.

SignaSys offers various methods for generating the report via Triveni Digital's StreamScope. The simplest method allows a station to record its off-air signal on a SignaSys-provided off-air recorder, and SignaSys runs the report at its San Jose, Calif., headquarters.

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