King County TV Installs Pro-Bel Routers

King County Television, a Government Access Channel (PEG) in Seattle, has installed Pro-Bel routing and router control technology from Pro-Bel to manage its broadcasts.

Based in King County Courthouse in Seattle, King County Television provides information about country services and municipal activities. The facility includes a studio and three edit suites--running Avid--as well as master control and control room operations. The Pro-Bel installation includes a Sirius router equipped 64 x 64 NTSC and 64 x 64 SD, as well as a Freeway 128 for audio, equipped 64 x 64 stereo analog.

Station Manager James Burns said the station was built in two phases: The first stage used a 32 x 32 router, followed by another 32 x 32 router built later on. The problem was the two halves of the station didn't communicate with one another and were unable to route from one side of the station to the other.

"Now we have an integrated routing infrastructure with real control our workflow has been significantly improved," Burns said.