Keyframe provides content for new displays at Arrowhead

Keyframe, a service division of Daktronics, have produced creative content for the Kansas City Chiefs and the new Daktronics video display system at the stadium for the 2009 football season. A number of crowd prompts and welcome messages underwent production and were delivered to the team. Real time data frames and statistical layouts for the Chiefs ribbon board displays were also created and delivered.

The Chiefs decided on a slick glass and metal look with a stylistic representation that included the fundamental element of the team’s arrowhead with incorporated fire. The overall feel was somewhat intense and energetic, able to get the crowd more involved in the game.

One such crowd prompt is the touchdown animation. In this piece, the arrowhead travels down the field with a trail of fire and hits the end zone with an explosion. Out of the flames appears the word “Touchdown.” All displays in Arrowhead stadium were included in this animation from the full-field view on the main video display to the arrow traveling the distance of the actual stadium on the ribbon boards for a complete moment of exclusivity.

The Keyframe division designs digital content in HD video, 3D animation and motion graphics, specializing in media networks and large-scale LED displays, to evoke an emotional connection with viewers. Keyframe also provides professional, on-site event production crews to enhance the game-day experience.