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Keslow Camera Adds Fujinon Lenses to Inventory

ZK Cabrio family of lenses

WAYNE, N.J.— Keslow Camera recently purchased the full range of Fujinon PL HK zooms.

The range includes: the 14.5-45mm T2.0 (HK3.1x14.5), 18-85mm T2.0 (HK14.7x18), 24-180mm T2.6 (HK7.5x25) and 75-400mm T2.8-T3.8 (HK5.3x75) Premier HK Series 4K+ zoom lenses; as well as the PL 19-90mm (ZK4.7x19) and 85-300mm (ZK3.5x85) Premier ZK Cabrio Series zooms, which feature detachable servo drives.

“These lenses do not breathe. With other lenses, the image may shift that critical bit when you zoom in and out,” Keslow COO Dennis McDonald said. “But with Fujinon, there’s no image shift at all.”

An entirely hand-held film is now being shot with the ZK19-90mm Cabrio zoom.