JZ Microphones Opens L.A. Office

NORTHRIDGE, CALIF.: JZ Microphones has ended its previous distributorship arrangements and in turn opened its own office/warehouse in Los Angeles.

Aiming to provide more responsive communication with customers, distributors and dealers, the new Los Angeles office is expected to enable “faster, more direct and effective” company representation and cooperation with current and potential business partners in North America.

The move comes on the heels of major changes for the Riga, Latvia-based company. In a statement, JZ Microphones noted that the changes were enacted to move the company forward, something which it felt “appeared to be impossible with intermediary. All the previous distributorship arrangements have been cancelled and the Music Marketing Inc. doesn’t represent the company no more.”

Now with the affiliate office it will be easier to expand in whole North America. The affiliate office will also be core for promoting the company and sending the direct message to costumers with communication via traditional and viral media as well as making the events as demo sessions, shootouts and presentations.

JZ Microphones was established in 2007 by designer and jeweler Juris Zarins, capitalizing upon 20 years of experience restoring vintage Neumann, AKG, and Telefunken microphones, and having helped initiate the original Blue and Violet Design microphone lines.

Contact information for the new office is:
JZ Microphones USA, LLC.
7659 Encino AVE.
Northridge CA 91325

-- ProSound Network