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JVC Cams Key to Access Sacramento Production

JVC Access Sacramento
(Image credit: JVC)

SACRAMENTO, Calif.—Access Sacramento is a public access station that allows community members to produce local TV programming across its channels. Part of Access Sacramento’s setup to do this is the JVC GY-HC900 Connected Cam cameras.

The GY-HC900 cameras were part of the station’s upgrade to full HD and are being used for the station’s green-screen virtual studio as well. The JVC cameras help create a “pristine cut and work so well with our other production technology in creating a clean virtual reality image,” said Gary Martin, executive director at Access Sacramento.

Access Sacramento has been using JVC cameras for the last decade, and that familiarity has helped them in the transition. As has the camera’s ability to be user-friendly, as the users of the equipment can range from beginners to former broadcast professionals.

The station recently used the GY-HC900 cameras as part of the Bucheron World Mystery Conventions’ “Anthony Awards.”

“Due to the COVID-19 crisis, this particular show was very challenging, as we had to have a socially distanced studio and control room,” said Martin. “We also needed to integrate live studio cameras with breakout rooms for each set of nominees. We have seven award categories that have five to seven nominees in each, resulting in 37 live feeds coming in via an internet-based, video conferencing stream that was fed into the live broadcast. Using JVC cameras in conjunction with those feeds, we were able to put all of the nominees on-air at the same time and announce a winner in the live broadcast.”

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