JVC announces new modules for GY-DV5000 camcorder

Two new modules will be added to the GY-DV5000: The hard disk recorder DR-DV5000 and the the MPEG-4 encoder module.

With its stated NAB theme to help professionals achieve the “perfect picture,” JVC Professional Products announced the first of two new modular components for its open architecture GY-DV5000 professional DV camcorder that attach to a 52-pin data bus digital port between the camcorder and its battery pack.

Both modules help reduce post-production time by creating a clip log automatically in MPEG-4 or video that can be digitally recorded in a variety of formats for immediate editing.

The first module, the Hard Disk Recorder DR-DV5000, records the DV signal onto a user removable, standard 2.5-inch compact hard disk. An 80GB hard drive holds over 6.5 hours of video. The module can be pre-configured by the user to record in the native file format of any major nonlinear editor. These include Avid OMF-DV, Quicktime-DV, RawDV, AVI Type 1-DV, AVI Type 2-DV, AVI Type 2C-DV and Matrox AVI-DV.

The second module, the MPEG-4 Encoder Module, provides real-time MPEG-4 encoding. It has a feature called "Scene Capture" that automatically stores a scene log containing an MPEG-4 video clip and the start and end time code locations of each recorded scene on the tape. Storage is on a Compact Flash card. These clips can be viewed and managed on a personal computer. The module also has a built-in unicast server for Web streaming.

For more information visit http://pro.jvc.com.

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