JVC adds MP4 recording on SDHC cards to GY-HM700 camcorder

JVC Professional Products has added a new feature to its GY-HM700 ProHD camcorder that allows MP4 files to be recorded onto an SDHC card along with MOV files when the SxS adapter is not attached. The company has also added a more powerful built-in digital noise reducer to the GY-HM700, which produces higher picture quality.

In combination with the optional SxS adaptor KA-MR100, the GY-HM700 provides dual media recording capability and a choice of file formats on both inexpensive and high-performance media. With the KA-MR100 media recorder docked, users can record Sony XDCAM EX-compatible MP4 files onto high-speed SxS memory cards, while simultaneously recording the same MP4 files to inexpensive SDHC cards. Having two copies instantaneously available provides more versatility in the field, with the assurance of always having a backup.

The MP4 file format recorded on SDHC can be natively edited by NLE systems that support XDCAM EX. In addition, MP4 files recorded onto SxS media are compatible with the Sony XDCAM EX format. Recording in the editing system's native format eliminates the time-consuming transfer step and dramatically speeds up the post-production workflow.