Jünger Audio revamps its marketing strategy

Responding to feedback from customers and a change in the workflow that many of them have experienced, due in part to the proliferation of multichannel home theater environments and the obligations imposed by the CALM Act in the U.S. and similar legislation across the globe, Jünger Audio recently announced a shift in the way its products will be brought to market.

“As there is now a trend among some of our customers to use products like the T*AP (Television Audio Processor) for applications such as radio or PA, we decided to separate processing hardware from the feature set,” says Jünger Audio’s Managing Director Peter Pörs. “This change acknowledges the way in which many of our customers are working and allows Jünger Audio’s packages previously known as T*AP and M*AP to live on in common hardware.”

The shift will allow customers to choose a processor and channel count, and specify the area they will be addressing. With this input, Jünger will tailor a hardware/software system designed for that application (radio, TV, production, audio post).

Versions of Level Magic are now offered in both 32- and 64-bit versions for all of native plug-in formats (VST, RTAS, AU, AAX, Audiosuite) on both the Mac and PC platforms.