Japan: Sharp Offers New Aquos Models

Sharp Corp. has begun shipping some of the 10 new models in its Aquos D Series that it says attain even higher image quality than its previous Aquos designs, as well as high-speed sequence reproduction,. Sharp said the Aquos D line also continues to achieve "one of the highest energy efficiencies" in the industry.

The new LCD units range from 32 to 52 inches. Sharp said each model comes with standard components such as its proprietary High-Picture-Quality Master Engine which, in turn, consists of a "Clear Double Speed" function that it says detects image movement to give a clearer picture.

The engine also contains an "Active Conditioner" that is designed to automatically adjust on-screen contrast and hue—and reduce audio noise. Its newly developed Full-Digital 1-Bit Amp and the Auto Volume function automatically adjust sudden changes in audio.

Sharp allows owners of its Aquos D units to access to some exclusive HD content online for on-screen viewing. No word yet on when these units may be shipped to North America and Europe.