iTV Spec Updated

The iTV Production Standards Initiative has released Version 1.1 of its open XML specifications for writing iTV applications. The updated spec supports static interactive content such as TV magazines, virtual channels and EPGs.

Version 1.1 expands this definition to include text messaging, BREW 1.1 and J2ME wireless platforms. Other changes are the delineation of timing as its own element instead of as an attribute of each of the content types, which the group says allows the reuse of content items across multiple types of applications, the addition of genre, sequence and status and changes to data types to increase flexibility and give clearer definition of hierarchy and group.

Version 1.0, released in May 2002, had established a way to write XML code to describe the components of enhanced TV programming. The open XML lets producers and studios write content once for rollout on all major set-top boxes and PC platforms.

"The goal of [our group] is to increase the amount of iTV programming made available by making it more economical and efficient to produce and deploy," said Martijn Cardozo, chairman of the iTV Production Standards Initiative.

Version 1.1 is available at