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ITV selects AmberFin for HD file-based workflow

AmberFin and its UK channel partner, ATG Broadcast, have announced that they are helping UK commercial Free-To-Air broadcaster ITV transform its HDTV workflows to file based operation.

AmberFin’s iCR Unified QC is being used for creating a high capacity file-based workflow for moving complete programs throughout the operation. This means that large-capacity media files containing entire episodes shot in HD can be shared between ITV’s London, Leeds and Manchester sites, as well as with service partners such as Technicolor and ITFC.

The application of AmberFin UQC ensures that all HD master files created within this tapeless workflow environment are guaranteed to be of adequate quality and fit for purpose within all areas of ITV’s broadcast and electronic media operations.

AmberFin UQC enables quality control by combining multiple tools for baseband checks during tape ingest, file-based QC after ingest, and overall operator-controlled QC, including annotation and mark-up.

It features seamless integration between two industry tools, Snell’s Hyperion and Digimetric's Aurora, so that all aspects of QC are now integrated within a single unified timeline to give users an instant visual display of potential quality issues throughout the ingest and transcoding process. QC processes can be implemented at any point in the lifecycle of an asset, using the most appropriate technique.