Italy’s national public broadcaster installs Lawo consoles

Italy’s state broadcaster, Radio Televisione Italiana (RAI), has placed an order for Lawo Crystal consoles for its newly-refurbished CCISS studio ñ Centro Coordinamento Informazioni Sicurezza Stradale (Coordination and Information Centre for Road Safety).

Building, programming and testing at the CCISS Studio at the RAI Production Centre in Saxa Rubra is nearing completion and was expected to be online at the end of the year. CCISS was established by RAI to provide road and traffic reports live around the clock. The material is produced for output as news bulletins that are broadcast over all the RAI channels.

The installation included a Lawo Crystal Base Unit with optional SDI interfaces and an eight-fader control surface, plus a full rack-mountable PC running VisTool Runtime and VisTool Edit for the RAI maintenance department and a PC monitor. Needing to remove much of their manual analog patchbay operations, RAI replaced them with a digital virtual matrix, fully controlled by a graphical user interface.

The console comes with a choice of ready-to-use configurations for standard applications, but can be programmed to handle unique configurations adapted to individual user workflows. Available with four to 16 faders, the Crystal also features an integrated matrix of up to 288 I/Os and intelligent networking with other consoles and matrices.